That is just :astonished:.

Sounds kinda like that Super Nintendo game E.V.O. You go around everywhere, killing enemies and evolving to a stronger creature.

Ya, but this seems more like a strategy game.

I am soooo going to buy this.

It sounds alot like Shark! Shark! from Intellivision…

Then, it doesn’t. It’s so amazing!

What’s Shark?


It’s Shark! Shark!, and it involved you playing a little fish that eats other fish. As you ate, you grew larger and eventually you could eat a Shark…Okay, it was cool back then!

Sounds like the game Fishy. I remember beating it for the first time:
“You have eaten all the fish in the pond and completely destroyed the pond’s ecosystem.”
Me: WHAT!!!

it looks…forgive me…VERY VERY BOOOOOOOORING!

This game is So cool
definetly gonna buy it :smiley:
Almost as good as metroid :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds awfully like pokemon…

but still fun.its for gcn, right?