For me its one of those games where you just need to try it at least even with the less than positive reviews around the internet (still at like 23% on azureus(and i am not linking but that how im gettin it))

what about you all?

am I the only one interested in this game

There’s no way to get it except torrenting it. See the amazon reviews for details. I have absolutely no shame in pirating shit from EA to begin with, so yeah…

As for the actual gameplay… eh. I played it. I got pretty far. And I haven’t been interested in picking it up again since. RIDICULOUSLY dumbed down from what it was originally supposed to be. The whole “make anything you want” turned into an enormous gimmick, as it has EXACTLY 0 to do with ANY of the gameplay. Really sad…
They say it picks up in the civilized stages, so maybe I’ll have to wait around for that.

I’ve torrented it, have yet to install.

I only torrented it to protest the drm anyway.

i’ve gotten to the space part, stupid president can’t leave me alone.

heh I’ve finished dling it and installing it…it downloaded amazingly fast for a pirate bay torrent, and I’m only in the ahh…what was that called…the…just left the ocean phase…whatever its kinda like what Yathzee said that being that its essentially: cell=unrecognizable game creature=WoW Tribal=C&C Civilization=Civilization (harharharharhar) and space=Star Control 2

It’s the most pirated game ever, I think. It had 31000 people downloading the particular torrent I have a few days after launch, with about 7000 seeds.

wow, that just…wow i really don’t know what so say about that except perhaps EA=phail i guess

also I have succeeded in the neverending quest to make your monster look as much like a penis as possible, now i to quote Yathzee i need to make a vagina monster