Spider ball track sprites: in progress

i just built these this morning, theyre still in the beta stages, but any criticism would be greatly appreciated

oh and if you guys already have a set of spider ball track sprites, please delete this thread before i make an idiot of myself

They already have spiderball tracks, lol

We got some beta sprites, but those you posted look really good! Maybe a little less saturation.
Beh, I shouldn’t be talking, MH and Daz are the sprites experts…

uuuh, even when they still need some work, I believe the ones I made are more accurate than those…

no personal offence.

I actually agree with CFX. his are more accurate to Prime’s spiderball tracks. Though I have to admit, i really like the lights DaHaK got put on his. :smiley:

's ok, no offense taken, i tried to make them as accurate as i could while still getting the animation effect from prime 2 since prime’s spiderball tracks seem kinda lifeless in comparison. the reason they look as unrefined as they do is because theyre really only beta, and i wanted to make sure you could use them before i finished them up.

oh and would it be possible to get a link to ur spiderball track sprites? even if you cant use these i’d still like to get a look at the ones you are using

like i said before, i didnt know if you guys had them yet, and i’ve been watching p2d and have wanted to be a part for awhile now, i just couldnt finish something fast enough, and i didnt realise you had spiderball track sprites

Well, that just explained why they don’t look like Prime’s spiderball tracks :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you and CFX could team up and make them together, since CFX’s are accurate to Prime, but yours are just plain kickass.

i dunno… im not sure if cfx would want me messin around with his sprites after he’s finished with them.

if he doesnt mind the collaberation though, i’d be happy to help

Yeah, the X looks pretty cool >_<"

oh, feel free to take and improve them, I don’t really even ask for credit. I have enough with the coding.


So feel free to try your hand.

You can find them all on www.mp2d.co.uk or if they aren’t there, in my filespace account www.filespace.org/corefusionx look for the images starting by “sbt”

umm, about the red x… theres nothing i can do about that at present, it seems my image host got overloaded again, it happens all the time.

Edit: ok, heres the spritesheet and thumbnails, and here’s a rough demo of what they’ll look like in action (is guessing at this one)

DaHaK, get a geocities account. it never fails me.

Ew geocities is horrible and they don’t let you hotlink. Try a Photobucket or imageshack. Both are reliable and great.

actually i have a server called ripway that gives me more room and bandwidth than either imageshack or photobucket, it’s just i’ve been uploading huge amounts of files to it lately and i just need to cut back abit

Those rock :O_O:

Those are good, but the animation is a little rough (it pauses after each glow for a moment).

yeah, its because when i tried to line up the layering so that each energy pulse of the track would line up with the morphball animation, somewhere along the line a frame got skipped and theyre all out of sync, and since it was just a cosmetic effect to see if the morphball would line up correctly i didnt really think it was necessary to retool all 70-something frames just because the pulse is out of sync. if one of the project leaders were going to use it for something big, thatd be different, i’d go back and do it again 'til it was perfect, but since thats prolly not the case since they need engine demos not .gif’s im just gunna let it be.

oh and if you’re talking about the energy buildup before the track pulses, that is on purpose. its so the border lights on the edge stay in time with the pulse animation

Could I use those for a fangame? I’ll give credit. :wink:

same here, i’ll give credit too.

Actually flyinrooster, I was getting it for your fangame. I’m a member too remember?