Speed runs?

Do you watch speed runs?

  • Yes I do
  • No I don’t
  • What are speed runs?
  • Shut up you n00b.
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Do you watch speed runs? Personally I watch’em to see how people beat the game in 1 hr. It’s also fun to see how you can break the sequence you get the items in.

Sometimes I do. But I haven’t in quite a while. (TO SCU!)

I watch speedruns of all kinds. Metroid Prime speedruns are still my favorite, because the game gives you so much freedom that even jumping is an art with many styles, and I have the entire game memorized, so I can relate more to what’s actually a glitch and how they’re doing them. Super Metroid runs are almost as good, but I prefer the TAS of those over the normal ones. Generally what it comes down to with game speedruns is how much of the game can be broken and how much freedom the game gives you with the control. Resident Evil 4 speedruns are not entertaining at all, because the game can’t be broken much at all and the speedrunners just jog around slowly and shoot almost the whole game. It sucks the whole suspense out of it, which is one of the main reasons the game is fun to play.

I am very suprised no one told me to STFU. Yea I like MP runs over other games. Because it was the first Metroid game made for the Gamecube the glitches are plentyful. You can learn so much also.

i havn’t found the glitch loaded speedrun for metroid, where can i find it?

You can find all of your almost-newest speedruns at SDA. Just search in the game list for Metroid Prime and watch some of the runs. I recommend you watch the fastest any% segmented run first (a time of 1:04, I believe). If you can’t run any of the videos correctly, just ask, for I have solutions.

thanks troid92! :slight_smile:

I find speedruns of all kinds of games helpful. They’re free and it’s sort of like renting them. XP Yeah, I can gauge some games that way.

I like to watch speedruns for the NEO GEO AES.

I watch Speedruns, but where can you find one on Metroid Prime Hunters? I am having BIG trouble finding one!

Yes and I don’t know why.

WHERE can you find a Speedrun on Metroid Prime HUNTERS for the DS?

You can’t find them because it’s harder to make a video from a DS than from a TV, or an emulator.

What about a DS Emulator?

Have fun emulating a touch screen.


Which is similar to a touch screen… because? If you’re trying to say that people are gonna spend time trying to make an emulator that converts mouse movement data to touch screen input data, then sure. Then, however, it’s not a DS emulator. It’s just something that plays DS games.
EDIT: Also, switching between arrow keys, other control keys, and stylus is impossible. It’s difficult enough on the DS.

Plus the best DS emulator out there at the moment apparently flashes black and white as rapidly as possible and crashes when you try to run MPH.

The best way to record a DS game right now for people not working for Nintendo is to hold the DS screens (Dual Screen screens?) in front of a camera, which only makes it harder to do the speedrun (not only because of the position you’re in, but also because you know that everyone who watches the run will be watching every movement of your fingers…)

at SDA there is a new speed run of super metroid any% in 32 mins. you should check it out.