Speed booster

Does anyone know how fast samus runs when she uses the speed booster ??

I think metroidguide.com said that she ran around 750mph, and while they do pretty much make up all of there info, I would find it hard to believe Samus would run much fatser than that.

It looks more like about 70-90 mph. The speed of sound is 761.207051 mph, and I don’t think she goes quite that fast…

Even 70-90 mph seems unreasonable. From Metroid Fusion, It looks like she might be going a little faster than biking speed.

Look at it this way: they can’t really make her go as fast as we think in game, cause otherwise she would be completely impossible to control.

And thus she obviously isn’t going as fast as we think. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm…It would be very srange to have a speedbooster in one of the metroid prime games. :confused:

Not to mention impossible.

It would be cool though, I think retro would find a way to do it :smiley:
And a speed booster gotta give a real boost so she will go more than 100 km/h (sorry don’t really know all of that mph thing) I think

Call me crazy but I can accualy see in my head what it would looks like and I think it looks good!

They figured it out with the screw attack so…
okay here’s my idea
you just walk the old fashion way and then you can see in your visor that your speed booster is active than you just aim at something and press a button and then you see in 3 person view the speed booster, a little bit like when you used the light suit to travel with light…

so what do you think ??? :wink: :smiley:

Sonds cool! The verson in my head though showed it in 1st person going super fast and crashing throuh a wall. everything was rushing past an all. It madw the cool speedbooster sound. But it didn’t fit cause I don’t know what a metroid prime speed booster would sound like. so I just hear mzm.

yeah that’s also a possebility,
cool man just post it anyway :wink: !!

No, it’s impossible. Do you know why doors take a while to load sometimes? It’s loading the next room. Sometimes it’s possible to enter early however, and entering too soon crashes the game. If you could run that fast the game would crash all the time. Not to mention controlling it at that speed in first person would be bloody impossible in all but the most basic rooms.

but Daz don’t you think the rev has enough power to handle that ??

It’s a possibility, but there’s still the issue of controlling it. It works fine in a sidescroller, it might work decently in third person, but with the way the MP games are designed, it’s not possible. And they wouldn’t totally redesign the formula just for the sake of adding one new item, so no, “then make it third person” is not a proper response. :stuck_out_tongue:

In a nutshell, It would be EXTREMELY difficult to put a Speed Booster in a 1st pers. shooter is what you mean right?

…Oh, and btw, arent all sidescrollers also considered 3rd pers. shooters?

I don’t remember much shooting in Mario >_>

>_> I meant Metroid games. It’s not that hard to put the pieces together…

You should have just said Metroid sidescrollers then. God…x_x