Space Pirates

Id like to make a mockup with as many different space pirates in it as possible,
does anyone know what space pirates have been made, if so could you link them?.
( I heard something about shadow pirates? :confused: )

Don’t have them yet, sorry. The final designs only have a couple poses each–and by a couple of poses I mean “standing, left”, “standing, right”, “standing alerted, left”, and standing alerted, right". :stuck_out_tongue:


In case you want to see anyway…

Note that only the standard, shadow, and MAYBE trooper designs are final. The rest are likely to be updated.

:O_O: you did a good job on them.

:O_O: :O_O: :O_O: Absolutely beautiful… :O_O: :O_O: :O_O:
the only ones that i dont like are the aero troopers(I dont remeber them
being like that at all, I could be wrong.) and the 2nd to the last one, Elite I think? The Shadow pirates(R, W, P, & Y) are the best!

I also think that the Animation for the Elite, and Omega pirates look funky. :confused:

The aerotroopers look to much like boards, or like action figures that don’t move, if you know what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s because they’re the old ones still. Every other one has been remade from scratch since the first incarnation, but that one is still based on the old patterns.

I gotta say I love the Shadow Pirate.

Troopers <3

if I may ask, what is the leftmost pirate? I don’t remember anything like that on Prime…

I believe it’s a beta Pirate from Metroid Prime.

No, it’s the Omega Space Pirate. It’s the boss for the Phazon Suit and beam before you fight Metroid Prime(gave myself a pat on the back for kicking his ass!)

Edit: Forgot my right from left! Sorry! But yeah maybe a Beta Space Pirate, I still never saw that one.

Er, no. You have your lefts and rights mixed up.
Left: ←
Right: →

Yep, it’s the beta. I doubt anyone will find any use for it since we’re trying to stay accurate, but I love that thing so much I’m posting it anyway. :slight_smile:

About that Beta, I think you might be able to imcorporate it in the the game somehow via secret/cheat. Just an idea, but, you along with everyone else in teh world love it!

May be a normal Pirate from Phazon Mines…

Wow, that Elite pirate is kickass copies and patents in my name. Also, the Beta pirate is pretty awsome too. Mabye a small wave of them in a secret room as a miniboss, and once you beat them, you unlock a special suit/minigame/etc. The beam troopers all look good, except for the necks. The aerotroopers do look abit plastic though, but you said you hadnt updated them. Man, i wish i had started spriting earlier, mabye i couldve gotten a piece of that pie. BTW, could you post a pic of the chozo ghosts?? I was so pissed when i found out you had already started them.


Chozo Ghost…as for the white thinging, its most likely a re-color bass evil energy. X)

…I dont get it…

Those are some kickass ghosts.