soup's sprite thread 2

these r my sprites!!! r they good?

Those are … um… randomly colored scribbles?

Either way, why did you have me close your old thread if you were just going to start a new one…?

Gee, Daz, they look like lazer scribbles to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, soup, why did you want Daz to close the other thread just to make another that you will probably ask to be closed, too? But being the somewhat competent forum member I am, I’ll stay on topic: What is that? And why are you posting random stuff everywhere?

ummmmmmmm…i sorta don’t think thimg through. in other word i’m sorta dumb

Well, you said it not me. Either you’re actually stupid or you are just putting this on as a show to garner attention. In the latter case, I’m not going to reply to this topic anymore.

me no good at checking work

I could reply to that in a very funny manner, but a 10% warning is enough for me, despite I know how much it would be worth it. :unamused:

Anyway, onto the…um…sprites. Maybe we could rate them better if you actually said what they were supposed to be. Are they supposed to be some kinda lazer shot or something?

well it is the beam missle combo for the wave beam and the plasma beam. and does the sprites have to be metroid?


Stupidity aside, I think they both look pretty neat. The second has a kind of fiery effect I could only wish to get in a plasma shot.

I kinda concur, although there are a few too many wide spots of a single shade, and some are at perfect right angles. Fire is too random for that to look right.

some r in right angles because i put my signiture in it so no one will steal it

If I turn my head sideways, I think I can see an ‘n’…

Try fixing up the wave buster combo it isn’t clear enough also do the other mistle combos

He can’t hear you… :unamused: Plus, this is like the elevententh topic you’ve bumped, while CM75’s Sprites stay on the shelf.

Pity whoring your topic will get you no where, and again, soup is NOT banned yet.

I don’t want to sound offensive, but lately, when this happens to people, they disappear completely. I wonder if soup will come back at all?

I know he’s not banned, but he has dissapeared.Points to GL’s post