sound options?

will we be able to choose whether we want the sound on or off in the game because i cant in demo2.5 and it sounds bodged if youre playing music at the same time.

Possibly. But then again, what other music would you want to be listening to while playing Metroid? I’m not sure if there was an option like that in Prime, but it does seem reasonable… But I’m not the one who decides so be patient.

ya that happened to me too…ruined a perfectly good alexisonfire song.

but in prime you could just turn the speakers down but if you did that in this the music volume would go down too :confused:

Maybe it’s because games have their own music for a reason :angry: Sheesh… If you’re so mad about this then why don’t you bring it up with DF or something?

(Not that they’d really care because one or two people’s opinions rarely matter on a subject as a whole…)


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Anyway, Metroid Prime had options for turning sound and/or music on/off, and it shouldn’t be that hard to stick that option in, so the chances of it happening look pretty high to me, actually. Not so sure about a bar that changes the volumes to x% like how it was in Prime, but that’s an uncommon feature in games anyway.

sarry bout spamming didnt know but thanks :smiley:

Timmeh returns with a fascinating minimod.

He um, did. That’s what the topic is. Bringing it up with DF/everyone else.

We should definitely have the ability to raise or lower music volume. It makes the sounds for item humming much more audible, but I like having at least SOME music, so I turn mine low in the real Prime. If it was on-or-off there’s no happy medium. D: Plus there’s the whole ‘outside music’ thing.

Yes. Speaking of that. Do you think Surround sound would be possible?? Not actual surround sound of course, but someting for left and right speakers mabye?? I dunno if that’s possible, but i was wondering.

Possible with music. Easy to do in MIDI. It’s up to the sequencer if certain notes/etc are panned right, left, or centered, and how by much.

yea that wud be gud. :smiley: (my computers a bit knackered so if i put loads of smilies or double post i didn mean it)

MetEngine supports 5.1 Dolby Digital and ProLogic II, in full 3d Audio, or 2D.