Soul Calibur 4

So anyone else got it?

It’s a really fun game…yeah unless somebody else has it I haven’t got anything else to say on the subject.

P.S. The forums seem oddly dead considering the season >_>

why are you still posting? give up and let it die damn you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve got the game, and am pretty good at it too. For the most part I’ll only play female characters because they’re always faster than the males (and I’m an aggressive player so speed is required). My main character is Amy, though I also use Tira, Talim, and some other girls whos name I forget.

It’s kind of funny, a few days ago I went to an arcade which had Soul Calibur 3, I owned everybody who played me, was great fun (I even managed to get a few perfects).