Sorry for making a thread like this..

Oh…sorry for overdriving.

But, I really have nothing to do at time so I would be thankful to translate to swedish.

Contact me on
Yes, I’ve got MSN

I do believe they said to bring this kind of stuff up on the SCU forum…

Yup, Sploder is right, you got to register on the SCU forums, you have to read the rules there well in order to join. :wink:

Yeah, I like the way Millz did that. We should do it for here. Way too many people violate the rules on this forum. They also never seem to know the rules about warnings. >_>

Oh…sorry then
Didn’t mean to break the rules. -.-
But it’s a shame really that I can’t do swedish translation for such a good game. :frowning:
Close this if ya want…

I tried to register at SCU and it wouldnt let me get on…
I’ll try again I guess.

You have to email mills and tell him the secret word that is in the rules of SCU. Then he’ll accept your registration.

Nah, you didn’t break any rules. I was just saying that a lot of people do on this forum, saying something like “I was unaware of this rule.” Most of the time more grammatically incorrect. >_>

Meh, I can’t resist.

“i didnt no bout that rule”