Sorry about being late to the party

The name’s DJvenom. Some people here probably know me from ZFGC or have seen my work around various pixellation websites. Anywho I was wondering if it’d be alright for me to offer some help to you guys Sprite-wise. Below are some examples of my past work.

Extensive Wind Waker Sheet
Wind Waker Houses
Newer Wind Waker stuff
Pikmin stuff
Misc ocarina of time stuff

I know what you’re probably thinking. “This guy can only do Zelda sprites!” not true :stuck_out_tongue: All you have to do is point me to some official art, give me a sprite to base the style off, and I’ll get it done.

Anyways, whether you choose to accept this offer or not is solely up to you.

Keep up the awesome work on the project, and I hope to hear from you guys soon :slight_smile:

:O_O: Dude, your work is awesome. It makes me wanna play the 2d zelda games again.
Well, I don’t know exactly what sprite sneed to be done or not, so you’ll have to ask Slothien483 or Metroid072. They know what to do.

If it’s up to me, you’re hired :wink: