Sooo bored

dudes is this project ever gonna be done?Ive been waiting so long to try it out.
How much longer is this project gonna take?

If its gonna take a while then is there any other types of these projects going on that are already done?I heard someone was making a super smash brother 2d game but I dont no if its done yet.

I need to play something!

I wouldn’t count on any of those games in the fan-game board being done soon, if at all. >_>

And it has been stated many times. The demo will be out soon, but we aren’t sure exactly how soon. CFX is keeping us all in the dark engine wise, but our resourses are well on there way. We set aside everything else for the demo recently, and most of us are making good progress on our part. If you truly want to know what is done so far, visit SCU.

If you wan’t to know why this topic is going to be locked, then just look at the title. It pretty much sums it up.