Sony or Microsoft

Which company do you like(Not nintendo)?

  • Microsoft
  • Sony
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I say microsoft because i think they make better games.I didn’t put nintendo because i knew it would win but which is better out of the other 2.

I like Microsoft more than Sony and Nintendo… <.<;

i like sony beacuse they make awsome plasma tvs

err… microsoff*
err… mercosoft*
err… microsoft8
err… microsoft*

ever have that happen to u in online games >.>

Whoa, hold on just one damn minute. Microsoft doesn’t produce games (ok, so it backed flight simlators and a few other notable exceptions), but Microsoft produces software as in utilities and some hardware. What, you think Windows is a game? Sony has its hand in alot of things, but in a gamer’s perspective they backed the PS systems.

I don’t know what you’re getting at. Sony and Microsoft are two totally different companies with two totally different aims. You can’t pick which one you think is better because they don’t do the same thing.

ya like microsoft does computers and softwares

and sony does HUGE PLASMA TVS!!!

Sony makes playstaiton and microsoft makes xbox.

I think he just wants to discuss them in matter of gaming and the gaming world, so he probably means Playstation vs. Xbox.

Well that’s alot simpler MF :wink: If I’d have to choose between those systems, I’d have to say Playstation. Though it lacks the PC uplink characteristics of the Xbox, I still think it’s more fun to play (as in playable games). I never got the XB controller down well, either…

Microsoft makes good software. Microsoft=good. So even if your not talking games, im biased, so i say microsoft. And while the Xbox was ugly and clunky, it was just cooler than the PS2.

I hate Sony. Damm them to ****. So, go Microsoft… of course Nintendo always wins in my heart.

I kind of dislike the Playstation controller… I hate the super-high sensitivity of the analog’s, and the overall shape of it. You know, Xbox cons have the same buttons as the Gamecube… except the X and B are reversed.

I completely agree. Of the two, I have to say I like the Xbox more, although since my friend’s Xbox AND PS2 broke, I can’t really support either side. I’m too nintendo biased to buy the Xbox or PS2.

i like microsoft…but i just got a virus, so fuck’em

and i like sony…but the remote isn’t working…so fuck’em…

…fuck’em equally


i agree

SONY likes to make their own closed standards like Minidisc and UMD. That’s bad.
Microsoft just want’s to take over the entire world. That’s bad too.

lol, i turned it into a “which do you hate most” topic! :laughing:

I hate SONY a bit more.

Microsoft has a working online service for their XBOX’es and the best controllers. But thay have a worthless OS. And Bill is cool. He got a doctoral degree in something here in Sweden somw years ago. And he gives millions of dollars to poor/sick people and research for medicine.

lol i like microsoft, and at the same time hate it… but, i despise PS2 and all the other playstation crap, so i’d have to say i like microsoft bettah :slight_smile: