something I drew

plz rate this

That was…wierd, but good! I love how…how should i put this…anti-pixly.

It seems to be an origional idea… it’s pretty good, but I reccomend practice. also, it looks like you colored in crayon, which gives a rough texture to things. Keep it up!

actually I don’t even have crayons i my I color either in Photoshop or colored pencils

i made these all by myself. :smiley: they are not stolen. if they where i would never forgive my self. :frowning:…1413.piture.gif

coughcant see anythingcough

do you mean you can’t see what it is or you can’t see anything at all? :confused:


what is"pictures" saposed to mean? :huh:

It means that where it says “here are the sprites”, instead of an image, he sees a little box with a red x in it. That’s what I see, at any rate.

how can i make it visible? :confused:

Chozo. You’re obviously new as hell to forums, so I won’t hand out any punishment. But STOP MULTIPOSTING. You doubled twice and then quadrupled once, in the same topic. Not one of which was related to the topic anyway. Show your own work in your own topic, don’t post twice in a row unless you have a good reason, and …

Oh, yes. See, people have a magical thing called a ‘life’. They do not spend it all on this forum.

So if someone doesn’t reply in one hour (actually, you whined in less than an hour), don’t be surprised. I’ve gone days without comments, surely you can wait a damn HOUR.

Just as a future notice on how to post images, try It’s a very easy-to-use-program. All you have to do is upload the image, and then it even gives you the code you need to make it apear on a forum. No work invovled.

Daz shut the fuck up you ass!!!

Here’s another tip for foruming. Don’t swear and flame at the admin. Especially when he’s trying to help you.

Yeah, we don’t need your type here. Baibai~

Hey chozo calm down will ya…
He had a point, double posting is not allowed here. Only if there hasn’t been posted in a while, you can bump your topic with a double post. Let’s say a week or so.

Ok, now we’ve sorted that out, you got to know a few things of this forum…
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So I’ll give you a warning for that… Behave nice and your warning level will soon be back to normal…

Hope you learned your lesson :neutral_face:

can we get back on topic plz?

After chozo rudely interrupted this thread-

If you tilt your head to the right the picture is easier to make out but I still don’t know what it is, a zoomer zooming after you or something? Nice work regardless

EDIT: But tilting to the left, it looks like a bat (and that way the background makes sense too) hmm is it a bat?

no it not a bat…its a demon thing