someone needs to...

program a program that programs

to clarify
something that has a bunch of check boxes you can select, each an option of how you want the engine to be
side scroller, top down, 3/4
movement types
aim types
basically something that hands you a basic engine for you to start with
maybe even an option to choose which language you want it in

cool story bro

You could download the source code of a basic engine for one of those games and change the values to fit your needs? <_<

I do like the idea of a well-rounded 2-D engine with a robust game editor. Here are some internal features I would want in such an engine:

  • Cross-platform compatibility (at least for the popular OSes)
  • Good physics that aren’t too floaty (the main character should stick to the ground while walking down ramps, for example)
  • Some form of scripting (to allow for easy cutscenes, customizable AI, object properties, etc.)
  • Part-based model system (easy to animate, no need for gigantic sprite sheets, can be awesome if used right)
  • Great special effects (beyond particles–more like electricity, reflective surfaces, lighting, screen-warping, etc.)

I’m sure something like this exists and we’re being too lazy to notice. But there shouldn’t be any programming necessary from the user’s point of view. All in an editor.

how about we all just use the source engine and be done with it.

I like troid’s idea better XD
I’m interested in working on this, but probably can’t until next summer, at least not too heavily.

Isn’t that just the basic idea behind the MetEngine?

No sir, MetEngine, as far as I know, is primarily for sidescrollers, and doesn’t do pretty much 2/5 of what Troid said for sure, and another 2/5 are iffy. That’s four out of five things that MetEngine might not or does not do.

add strategy things too i wanna make a strategy game but my programming skillz suck :frowning:

I have doubts such an engine could be made. Gamemaker is essentially just that, if I am not mistaken. An engine can either be very good for what it’s designed for, or very robust, rarely the two.

I don’t really know enough about programming to be saying stuff like this, but I just doubt it can be done.

There was already an engine like this created for shmups, available through wiiware.
In reality, it’d be easier to do a couple of different engines for different games, or maybe just a very modular one. A 2D RPG and a 2D platformer usually don’t share much. An RPG doesn’t generally need gravity, and a platformer doesn’t generally need leveling statistics and random encounters.

Game maker… is a bit different. Gravity is dumb and glitchy, sprites aren’t model-based, and it’s not the most efficient thing in the world.