someday am gonna make a metroid rpg

this topic is basicly asking for help
if anyone can do sprites cud they plz give me a few tips on an isometric samus sheet
later ill neet tiles and space pirates :confused:

also some metroid sprites wud be kinda good but along wit that kraid an ridley come in somewhere aswell

listen asking for stuff will never get you anywhere on the graphics board, either go out and freaking make them or google it noob.

[/noob basher]

thanks a lot but i was only asking

that’s not hat this part is about, GOOGLE IT!!!

(on a roll)

fine ill try
but it probably wont work

guess what it didnt work

double posts are a no no noob.

anyway the metroid rpg Idea is already being done and is too cliched

i guess ill just make my own game

lol this is gonna get locked but before it does, u can use my crappy sprites.

…MF, your being extremely irritating, and equaly noobish. Your minimodding and rude namecalling is no worse then his double posting. He simply requested some sprites, which technically, isnt bad. Not to minimod myself, but we have an edit button, and comments like the ones you made, and the one i’m making right now, should be left to mods/admins.


I hate to sound like I’m part of a bandwagon, but Red’s right, and noob-bashing isn’t exactly something to be proud of…

But yes, pyrex, use the edit button for tiny updates, and when you do so make sure to hit the “Add the ‘Edit by’” button at the bottom of the input screen. It’s alot better than just posting again for five words or less.

(Edit: See? Because I hit that button I can say whatever and that little line at the bottom indicates that I updated, along with my actual “Edit” heading.


(I know you from project jenova, so you have no where to run)
He is copied people’s comics and other bad stuff, so ban pyrex the plagarist now to prevent more n00bness.

i didnt do that hermes or at least i think thats u
my account got hacked because i was tricked into typing my password and username into a different website.

i swear upon my life that this is true

Im not hermes, I go there, if you look I’m a member there.
I know you’re just said that not to be banned, but if I find you anywhere else I’ll tell there too of your plagarism.

i honestly didnt do it and by the u spelt noob you look kinda like noodles unless your the one who hacked my account

tell me can u still get on that place

Hey, all of you, shut the fuck up, stop double posting, stop minimodding, stop the off topic jabber, and stop putting topics in the wrong sections.

Pryex, please read the announcment in the Fangames section, as well as the rules of the main forum, because you’re breaking quite a few of them.

Mudkip, I’m getting damn tired of you pulling stuff like this. Flaming, bashing, minimodding, blatant insults (again), general rudeness… and you haven’t exactly proven yourself to be a great poster in the other topics either. Consider yourself officially warned, and if you keep this up you’ll get a taste of some real disciplinary action.

Vurtual, you’re hardly the best member we have either, and you are in no position to demand someone else to leave because you don’t like them. Prove that he’s a thief and he will be dealt with accordingly, but throwing around baseless accusations and insults will do you no favors.

Redhalberd, you might wanna stop yelling at people for minimodding. That in itself is minimodding, you know. XD

That is all.

Jeeze, what’s happened to this place lately? Seems like every time I check a new topic I have to type up a huge list of complaints against way too many users. -_-

Edit: Thanks to Chagi, I have proof of his theft. However, he has yet to steal anything HERE, and I can’t ban him for what he did at another forum.

Nonetheless, we’ll be watching him carefully now.