some of the resources

why does not some of the resources work?

I dunno. The uploader doesn’t do it properly at times. I asked about it in the tech support section but no one responded. THe beetle is the only one that I know of that fails, what are some others?

I think the ice pirate doesn’t work ether :confused: . Hey here a great idea Dazuro Ghenari you should post the ice pirate so everybody could see it. :slight_smile:

The images don’t show up because they aren’t uploaded on the server. The database and resource system are fine, so something must have hapened while uploading…

Just post the images here and I’ll upload them :slight_smile:

I uploaded them for sure, it just didnt’ show it. I’m not sure what went wrong.

It could be a virus or something wrong with the site.

That was 5 months ago… No need to bring up a dead topic.