Some more of my sprites!!!

If you guys were making a mp2e2d do you guys think this would be good for it?

Those look good.

The head is inaccurate, it’s pillow-shaded, and off-colored. But it’s well drawn and detailed besides that. Oh, and the gun is completely wrong.

But for the 40582109589038092835th time, we are NOT planning on doing MP2 2D.

The gun aint wrong thats how it is in the game and how is the head shaded wrong?

Except that the gun is wrong, and it’s shaded wrong because it’s pillow shaded.

As I just said.

As I also said, the head is SHAPED wrong, not shaded wrong. Although it’s not too greatly shaded either.

how is it shaped wrong and how is the gun wrong thats what it looks like in game

It’s shaped wrong because that’s not how it should be shaped. The gun is wrong because it does not look like it does ingame. Look at the fucking things and see for yourself.

i know thats how the gun is shaped because when i drew it i was looking at my TV screen god :unamused:

Looks nothing like the one on this handy reference… lemme scan it in and show you. Maybe the ingame one changed, but according to this, it looks extemely different.

ok but show ur reference the one that looks different

An interesting sprite… but it has an outline.

Odd? i dident give it an outline

Look at the first image.