So um

Is anything actually happening with P2D or is this project dead?

You could always look at the topics instead of asking dumb questions.

And by dumb questions, of course, I mean ones that would be answered with one click.

i know, right

its almost dead… but there’s always someone willing to keep it alive

I kinda half-way convinced Daz to come back…

So yes, it is pretty much dead. That’s disappointing…

no, no its not

It’s dead in the sense nothing is visibly happening.

the idea has always been to wait on an engine someone is making, and they’re still doing that, so no, it’s kinda not deadish a little.

Forums are, though.

I’m still working on my Tharudus Music.

im toying with my Phazon
Zurg is making Prime
and theres always the Artifacts of the Month

not dead, just a bit slowish

Like a snail with a little salt on it. Its not dead, its just not going anywhere fast.