So I think games and stuff really are bad for your

Not 'cause of lights, and lasers and shit, but because you’re tricking your eyes into looking at depth, when you’re look at a flat screen.

So you’re eyes momorize that level of focus automagicly.

Then when you look at something far away, they focus as if it was the same distance as your TV screen.

I don’t get it, either.

Interesting. Very interesting.

And I think you’re right. It causes real life images to appear flat when you’re not moving, because your eyes are used to looking at flat images that appear 3d. I’ve never heard the theory before, but It sounds plausible.

…But fuck that shit. I’m still gonna play the Wii.

Au contrair, I believe the opposite. It trains you to see depth even in flat things, thus possibly improving your depth perception since you can see it even where there is none.

Of course, neither of us has any scientific data backing us up. Anyone care to look it up and see if there’s anything? I’m lazy :3

You should buy a 3d tv then if you’re worried that much about your eyes. It’s just like a normal tv, but when you stand perfectly in front of it at a certain distance it shows a 3d picture. I saw one at a store and it’s amazing! But not very ergonomic cuz when you move a bit, the 3d experience is gone.

As Dazzy said, it’s, IMO, the other way around. I can see various 3D things (not objects, but like… things… like phenomena, I guess) way better than most people I know, and it may very well be due to video games. Of course, maybe I’m just naturally better, or I notice it easier, but it definitely doesn’t hurt it to play video games.

Lol. It could be either, or neither, but many video games are definetly good for your mind. Not only that, but many games are proven to increase your reaction speed. Even if Luminous is right, it’s not enough to stop me from playing. Staring at the screen for prolonged periods is bad for you anyway, so the depth probably doesnt hurt your eyes.

its ok as long as you dont play for like hours.

Lol. I’ve player for about 16hours straight, with small breaks in between, yet I still have the best vision in my family, and am the 1 of the only members without glasses (not just my immediate family btw). I think you should stop playing once your eye’s start to feel irriated/tired etc… Or follow the instruction manuels, and take a 15 minute break every hour. Screw that.

you know, I think you avatar is bad for your eyes luminous. seriously, though, I think it has to do with the TV

i never thought that video games could be good for you. certainly not for your vision, but this makes sence.

but, is it really a good thing if your seeing depth in things that have none?