So has anyone tried to draw their own

I’ve come to the conclusion that they make all Hunters look alien because all armored human figures look nearly identical.

Also can we discuss graphics in the graphics board, or do I need a drawing in the topic.
'Cause I haven’t given up trying to draw Reaver in a armorpowersuit.

Post and I’ll finish this.


That’s cheating. D:

I’ve actually thougth about it, though I’ve never done it seriously. I’ll give it a go if you want.

So strange how the morph ball looks absurdly large there, even though it’s to the exact proportions prescribed by canon, and I never noticed a problem before… >_>

Well It does look large, but at least without the shoulders, Samus could fit (But I always sorta summed that the shoulders turned into the morphball outer shell, due to the similar design).

Fit? What the hell do you mean, fit? She turns into energy when the ball forms. She doesn’t HAVE to fit. >_>

Yeah, but I’m OCD about things like that. It’d bother me if the morph ball was so small that she couldn’t fit in it. Honestly, I did forget about the energy ball thing though XP.

I’ve always assumed that the morphball’s surface area was the same as the powersuit’s.

A helmet I drew, that I then sloppily edited to show how different the two halves were.
(That’s unintentional by the way.)

It’s not supposed to be anyone in particular.

I’m assuming it’s inspired by Samus though?

Not so much inspired as subliminally copied by accident.

Heh, with equally different armors, those could pass for two separate characters from a similar backstory or something like that. Rivals or partners, perhaps.