So about Samus's missiles

In Metroid Prime one, and two, Samus’s missiles were like, blueish white energy missiles.
I really like that. I thought it made more sense than having her materialize actual missiles, too.

So I’m sort of ticked at how they changed them into physical missiles in Prime 3. (From what I can tell)

God forbid they make them like in every other game before and after the Primes. >_>

Though either way, I don’t see the problem. The morph ball proves that her suit is capable of turning matter into energy and vice versa, so materializing missiles makes perfect sense in that context.

I eventually came to that conclusion when I was thinking on it… It’s just…
Her newer shiny blue ones were so much more aesthetically pleasing ;o;

Though really, it probably consumes more energy to materialize a missile than it does to just fire an energy missile.
I mean, I’d guess so. <_<

She already has enough energy weapons. If it’s gonna be a missile, shouldn’t it actually be a MISSILE?

Lol, but the energy missles just look so satisfying. I dont mind the change (its better/more metroid that way), but there was something so satisfying and realistic about it. Generating physical missles seems like a waste, even if it was possible.

I hope the powerbombs arent physical bombs though >_<.

my theory on why the missiles look like that is because you find them oh the gfs olympus. and if you find it on the gf ship who do you think made it? the gf. and since the galactic federation is not as high tech as the chozo and luminoth they made them into actual missiles woth the smoke and everything.

Yea that sounds fair enough. I really miss the missile combos though :frowning:

I actually liked their new take on the missiles. If you ask me, I never really like the “Beam missile” idea.


you get the missiles in Echos from a GFed box next to where the GFed ship crashed =)
Thus, I’m pretty sure they are made by gfed.

That’s definetly a good point.

But anyway, you know what REALLY bothered me? The way the seeker missles did that stupid crossing thing before hitting their target. It’s just ANNOYING. It makes you feel like they’re not accurate, and it doesn’t look realistic at all.

Hell, shooting 5 physical missles out of the cannon at once looks fake, that’s why I liked the energy missles better. It was at least POSSIBLE. But the seeker missle looked a little corny in MP3.

And yeah, I miss the combo’s too. >_>