Snow Days

Well, the only reason I get to create this is because I’m having a two-hour late start. Have you had any?

please explain what you mean.

EDIT: OOOH you mean school starts 2 hours late? We have no school here. Too much snow.

shit…it hasnt even snowed here yet…just been increadibly cold

we got three feet here and i’m on the coast:D(vancouver)

i live in ontario…lol

and i live in the province to your right.vive le quebec!

Lol. Back in texas, it used to snow occasionally, but here in florida, all there is, is a light breeze, and humidity. Personally, I hate it, and I want snow, but chances are I wont be getting any…since it DOESNT snow in florida.


Same with me ontario all the way!! :smiley:

We officially have no school for the holidays! :smiley:


sobs in jealousy

You’re right, it ISN’T fair, but global warming just deciced not to target this place I guess.

On the topic of snow, at some points there is 3ft. of snow.

It snowed here once. 72 years ago.

God, I hate San Diego. -_-

I want to live someplace here for a few (2) reasons.
1: Edge of tornado alley is not exactly safe.
2: I hate snow and I seem to be getting alot of snow.