Yea notice how beginning is in CAPS


i like that sprite, srry im only good at making final-fantasy type sprites!, nevermind animation…

Well, It’'s… moving.

Well… help?* Shading

  • Make the body move aswell and not just the legs; use sprites as a sample.
  • Other than that, you’re good.

No anti-aliasing.

More accuracy, both in motion and in shape.

If you’re talking about the white edging that’s disturbing the transparency, yeah… Take out the antialiased edges. ^^;

antilaliasing is good in some cases… but if you use it on the outline the sprite comes out really crappy. use it on the inside with lines that dont look natural to try and make them more smooth.

If you’re making it that big, I would suggest adding a lot more detail to it. The animation is okay, but it doesn’t loop very well and her arm seems to be spasming. You do have the general shape and the colors are right (except the arm cannon, which should be green.)