Snes Samus


Heres a little sample for you peps… i’m going to explain the hp metter style:
Samus have 20 energy tanks, link have 20 hearths, megaman have all the life ups
plus four sub tanks and mario…wel…mario gets small after the first damage and die after the second…

So every other charcter will have to be hit like 20 or more time in order to kill them, and mario is limited to 2 hits? That hardly seems fair. How about this: Samus have default 99 energy, link have 3 hearts, X only have his default life bar, and mario stay the same. That seems much more even.

At the begining i maded that way, but if they were equiped so bad , dont you think that the atacks would get weaker too? so i changed for a full powered game,but i add the first option on menu so everbody gets happy, and the game is a little fair, beacause with megaman sequence of two shots and a sword beam he can kill samus and link togheter, and link is too shorty,so most of projectils passes by him, mario can do a spin jump like snes,and that avoids projectils

hm… * looks through masses of mario games* I know it’s not SNES style, but why not have it mario 64 style life for mario? again, I know it’s not snes style…

well… thats really not snes style, i got no clue of what to do with mario,
but i got one thing done right now! The hp bars!! ijust ripped then all from snes respective games and finished the adapation to my game,as you all can see,on the screens there was no life metters because i had just started the game making , but now i’m almost finishing, soon i’ll bring more photos for my palls

It’s…interesting? <_<

Another news! now megaman have problems when he fight against link!
all because when he is climbing a wall,link can knock him donw by using the pegasus boots, link just have to stomp the wall and X fall without action,thats gold for Zelda fans! GOLD!!

How can you stomp a wall? >_>

Well i…i…dont know… all right i’ll made i tutorial for that too