Snakes, Planes, and Samuel L. Jackson

Lol. I have so much to say about this movie, but for the sake of having to do the dishes, ill say it later.


Did you see it?

What did you think??

I think it’s the funniest B-rated movie of all time.

I heard that Jackson would only sign onto the cast if the director kept that name. Is that true?

Yes, that’s true. And i wouldnt have had it with any other title.

I thought Slither would have sounded better, until I realized what the movie was like. Better save Slither for my own B-rated movie :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, i think slither has already been a horror movie. It was about weird worms i think. But would you actually make a B-movie??

Well, if I somehow came up with a miraculously good movie idea and did it by myself… yeah, it would be B-rated :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just a joke, I’m no director.

Lol, it looks like we’re the only 2 who saw the movie.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Red, but I didn’t see it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I read the reviews and heard all kinds of stuff about it from my brother but I’ve never seen it, nor do I wish to.

OMG, im so lonely.

it looked like a stupid movie to me =(

That is where you fail.

Lol, J/K. It wasnt that great anyway.

Hey I’ll save the day. I saw it too. It was very good, exactly what I was expecting. Poor guy in the bathroom :O_O: oww.

Yeah. It wasnt too bad, though all the characters were based on stereotypes. And the couple that was getting funky in the bathroom…kinda unneccessary. :blush:

there is always a funky couple making love in a plane…

…anyone remember flightplan?, the exact-but-not-so-good-as-panic room near copy?

…actually that went a little far…but they are similar…


…i knew it would be bad, it seemed like something off of the scifi channel, lol.

*note: has not seen movie…never…ever…will…


That was the whole point!!

LOl. I never saw flightplan, but the whole making love thing was kinda unnecessary.

Well I haven’t seen it, and I’m tried of the song Snake On A Plane(Bring It) its a boring song they play over and over on Sirius Satulite Radio.

Yeah slither is a movie So the ad I saw wasn’t a dream about the worst film i’d ever see O.o

I haven’t seen It but I’m gonna wait for someone in my family to buy it on DVD then watch it…

I actually kinda like the music video. The band is kinda weird though. Like the punk black eyed peas.