smartdude 47's sprite topic

alright, time i started one of these…

anyways, here we go:

mecha samus helmet-

my balls -

my sig-

and a comic-

early outbreak designs-

ive already seen all of those b4… but, they all look good to me

The outbreak one looks a bit big. Is it supposed to look liek samus cause it kinda does <_<. And the ‘M2: Remake’ Screenshot isin’t your work it’s just Nintendo’s work…because ou put it together but you didn’t do it <_<

yeah…i suppose it doesn’t belong in graphics.

create your own beam, its pretty simple pixel work, so have fun, i put two up to work from, edit it all as you see fit.

just copy, and work on it from paint, it takes about a second, and it’ll give you a chance to show an idea or two.