Sloth's dump - update june6

Here’s my DA, which only shows my best works.

My best stuff is in the bottom.

Yay, Sloth has his own art thread here!

Awesome stuff.

This mean you’ll be more active as well? :smiley:

I think so, scu dies tonight ^.^"

I’m trying to improve as aconcept artist too so some stuff is coming.

So DF will post the demo here? Or on the main page?

But this is spam, the meta ridley looks. . . wierd.

Sloth, SCU doesn’t die until the end of April. <_<

i really like the samus pixel art :slight_smile:

i remember that dragon, it blew my mind.

You practically strangled my vocal chords and took the words out of my mouth.

That car is crazy awsome too.

New wip stuff, I’m practically starting 3 huge projects (with 2 more on the board) which I possibly won’t finish:

Protoss drawing made for a large piece I’m working on:

Finally managed to apply the technique I use on the wc3 model skins ;p (like that demon up there).

Still missing the psi blades, which will be like a shuriken popping from the thing it’s left hand.

How the hell do you do stuff like that?

I love the samus you made it rox :smiley:

IMO the armor plates aren’t nearly as bulky as they should be. they should have a definate bulk from the rest of the zealot body; which yours doesn’t have.

I can’t crit cuz I’m not a starcraft fan, but that’s incredible.

Do you do ALL that in photoshop?

fucking finished

After all that, you couldn’t even make a new planet?

^.^“”“”" :smiley:

Well, insanely amazing by the way (As if you didn’t already know that.)