Sky Temple Keys

Bad title, but i have never found a picture of a sky temple key ever. ITs chezing me off.
can someone help me with this? (oh and please tell me ifi im in the wrong section) cuz ive got adobe photoshop and 4 other programs that cost 1300 dollars and i dont want to waste them!!
its true.

If you can afford 1300 dollars in graphics programs, then surely you can afford 150$ to buy a Gamecube and a copy of Metroid Prime 2 Echoes if you don’t already have one. >_>

How does finding a ‘Sky temple key’ have any relation to graphics programs?
Please, edit your post, im sure many people cant understand it.

He wants a PICTURE of a sky temple key to use with those graphics programs… >_>

e hehehehe found one if you look at my avatar and sig. thank you ign!!!