Skrew Attack?

Well since it is 2D will there be the Skrew attack?

I wonder if this even deserved a topic… =/

I mean really, there is a Screw attack in Super Metroid… and it works the same way… and besides, it is only MP, but 2d… hence P2d…

Oh well.

Yes, why not? Let’s add the screw attack, even though this is MP in 2D and MP had nothing to do with the screw attack. While we’re at it, let’s replace Samus with Link, Metroid Prime with Bowser, and call the game Final Fantasy Episode 2: Revenge of the Clowns. Then let’s make Pepsi Cola replace Phazon as the ultimate mutagen. It’ll be great! Screw accuracy!

While we’re at it, let’s post topics in the wrong forum, and also repeat questions already in the FAQ!

We have a genius here, boys. Move over Einstein, the topic creator deserves a goddamned medal for this idea.

That was a bit much, Daz. XD

But it’s true. <_< Plus we already worked it out over PM, so no big.

The genius thing was a bit much anyway.

Reminds me of your criticism back in the day. <_<

On a seperate note, I would totally buy that game you described. XD