Site down?!

The p2d site is down! All I get is a 404 error. What’s going on?

At least the forums are still up, though all the images other than user-posted ones are gone…

Did the server crash or something?

Site works fine for me…
It can happen that the server goes down, it’s not perfect.

Yeah, that was happening to me last night at about exactly when Jetman posted that. The servers had been down for about twenty minutes total…

But yeah, it all works again now.

Yeah… I thought so. It was just kinda shocking… it’s like OMG IS P2D OVER?!!

SCU’s server is unstable lately :\

Is SCU hosted by invisionfree? I’ve never been there so I don’t know…but invisionfree’s server13 has been down for about four days.

I don’t think it is, and it wouldn’t be on server 13 anyway (at least what I think)

SCU is its own server. P2D’s site is on it. The forums are on IF.