Simple Red Phazon Sprite

It’s just a simple sprite I made on MS paint. Nothin’ too special. It’s supposed to be the red phazon from Impact Crater. (And the light blue bubble shows where the Fission Metroids Spawn)
This is another version (edited). It has more shading and (I think) detail…

(If this isn’t what you mean by “detail”, Dazzy, then I don’t know what you mean… :neutral_face: :confused:)

Um… >_>

Add… shading… and detail…

I’ll fix it…

I didn’t have alot of time to make this, and having to make it on MS paint probably takes even more time :neutral_face: So, I’ll (at least try) to fix it.

Nobody with any brains makes sprites in anything other than MS Paint. -_-

Calm thyself, Mas-mas. Even I use Photoshop from time to time, and lots of people use IDraw or PSP. It’s not that using advanced programs is bad–it’s that depending on their special effects is bad. But what if all you use it for is to do things you can easily do in MSP but faster? Like, say you want to recolor a massive sheet. MSP takes several minutes to do this. PS can do it in about 3 clicks if you know what you’re doing. It’s things like using the airbrush to cheat on shading, or filters for special effects, that are why PS spriting is looked down upon.

That is quite interesting Dazzy. A tool such as Photoshop, too over par for high end sprite graphics. Amusing, a stock tool (MS Paint), mightier than graphics powerhouse Adobe.