does anybody know how to put on your sig? Because i just made one and i cant figur out how… :confused:

Go to your profile editor, go to Signature, add [ img ] and [ /img ] (without the spaces) and put the link in between them. Wrong section, by the way.

umm… wheres profile editor :neutral_face: …srry, im new here and well, i dont know much about this web site

go to the My Controls link at the top of the page, or at the bottom of your post, make sure the thing that says Enable signature is checked off.

wait… but what if your sig is on your computer not on the web?

You have to put it on the web, otherwise no one including urself won’t see it. Upload it to imageshack.

uhhh whenever i try to upload it it says this, “File integrity check failed, upload terminated.”


Sounds like you’re trying to use a PSD or something else you can’t use. Make it a GIF or PNG first.

And how do you do this? :confused:

Ooops, sorry about the bump, didn’t see the date. :blush:


I made this topic like a year and a half ago. If this thread is at the back of the entire site, then chances are that it’s old as hell.


How do you do what?

I think he wants to know how to change an image’s format, like from PNG to JPEG for example.


Go to “Save as” and then save it as a different file type…