Shrander's Work

Well, here is my photobucket account. It includes hand drawn stuff, signatures, banners, sprites, and animations made by me. Also it has a few videos for MPH glitches.

Also, not added to that account, is my first attempt at a tile set. It is supposed to be an earthy cave type set. One that has moss all over it.

Here is a picture of the peices all put together. Each peice is a 16x16 tile. There are 22 tiles, including 2 for the water.

Newly added in version 2: A new water tile as a TEST, some grass, rocks

Also, I made a creature real fast, and did a quick background that has randomly places specks to not have it look as dull.

C&C please.

Version 2

Ok, everything else is just edits, recolors, and other stuff, which doesn’t take much effort or work for most, so I will not post them. Please feel free to give me any comments, critique, or questions.

looks nice, but i dont quite think that sylux is yours on your photobucket account…

Oops, I forgot about that. I just took one version and removed the background.
goes to remove it

Thanks for the comment though.

Meh. Not bad. Not my style of artstuffs though even though its not edits. Hopefully, that wasnt MY sylux on your page.

That would be bad…oh yes.

No, it was the cheasy banana dancer one seen all over the internet.

Ah. I think it was made on the Nsider forums. I remember when everyone was doing that sigh Memories.