Should there be a voiced introduction like in MP?

Voiced Introduction like at the beginning of Prime?

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I am only wondering…

Do you think it is a good idea to have a voiced introduction in P2D like in MP?
Also the voiced ending and the voice that says “Impact Crater”?

I do personally, but I want to see your views.


Well the European verison of the game had a voice saying where you where, but the North America didn’t have the voice.

I don’t think there should be a voice. It’s more work and it probably won’t sit well in a SM-like game.

True. More work for team P2D if they did that, and they already have enough thing to do right now, but it will seem werd since SM or MF didn’t have voice of someone talking.

Plus so far there has been only eral voices for parts of Prime 1 and for Prime 3. I see your points, but I think it makes it more atmospheric!

Where will they get the voices? And plus what do you think the noobs that don’t go on the forum will say once they see the voice? “WTF? OMFGUFINGNOOBTHEREWUZNOVOICEINMP!!!11!!”. You really don’t wanna go say “There was a voice in PAL version” because they will be like “IM FING AMERICAN U FING NOOB!!!1!!!”

Well you can say voice inspired from the PAL version and I know someone (not me) who can do a really good deep voice like the one in Prime 1. Remember for those who have US versions it will say “Inspired by PAL Version”. Plus maybe only a voice for the intro of the game and the ending - nothing else like “IMPACT CRATER!”

In MP2:E, the logbook said, “Imcerptan to lock” after when you scan some thing like a creature, lore, boss, logs, and research.

I am talking about proper speeches. eg. “Only one light shone in the comos, the light of Samus Aran” or something along those lines, my memory is a little hazy around there as I haven’t heard that sequence for a while

Lol go to . They have version diffs with the PAL voices.

I don’t even know WHAT you’re trying to say there, but the actual line is “Recorded to log”…

No Daz you are wrong also. Its “Recorded to LogBOOK”

i dont think the voice is needed, it wouldn’t offer much to the game.

No the voice is unnecessary but would be cool!

I agree that it is not that important, but like SNIPER I think it would be good. Plus it would add atmosphere every time you load up your save…



…yeah, i didn’t get pal version…so i wouldn’t be used to it, thus it would scare me (making me hide under my chair…once again…)

That happens in Metroid Prime: Pinball. We don’t get that here just text.

i dont think there should be a voice for each place but i think you should keep the voice like at the start of sm “the last metroid is in captivity. the galaxy, is at peace.” :wink:

…now that i have heard that line, and it is extra cheesy, i really discourage such…but it wasn’t going to happen anyways so…

also, this topic has been pretty dead for awhile now.

Thanks for bumping it. Personally, i wouldnt mind, but it’s just extra work.