Shadow the Hedgehog

it’s a good game I beat it in like three days though :neutral_face:

is this like sonic?

its a bad game
sonic games are suppose to be without guns <_<

I thought it was pretty good, but the addition of guns wasn’t necessary. Although I did like the idea, it was poorly executed. All around, it was a cool game. It revealed a lot about Shadow’s past. But yeah, the guns were uneccesary. And yes, it is like Sonic games. The 3D ones. It was pretty easy too.

I like sonic games not as much as metroid I’m relly only buying the Wii becas of MP3

shadow the hedgehog was average…

Quote from Playstation Magazine. “3.0 This is the worst game ever. Its more fun to stare at that purple block over there than play this game.” Personally I don’t have it.

ya itseriously sucked. why can’t sega just stick with a classic game formula

Never played it but ive saw at a store