Has anyone seen a guy in mph called Ghost?I was wondering because I’m Ghost.

…HA! i killed you when i played as samus!!! dances

What was your name?

i am ussually Brandon (or brinko, i dont play anymore much, too busy getting killed in other games)

when i played before erase it was darkness

when i play on my best friend’s its serpentier

and when i play on my cousin’s its seeker

Hmm.I don’t remember seeing any of those names :confused:

you sure? i ussually play as samus, and sometime sylux, and ussually i just kinda…yaknow…dont get into large fights…anyways, i know ghost was in the name, maybe it was like ghost123 or some crap, who knows? :smiley:

Because of course there’s only one player in the entire world who goes by Ghost… -_- Hello, the odds that any given Ghost is you are incredibly slim.

…yeah…if only you had picked an extremely odd name and stupid name…



…anal nectar?

…what are the chances of two people having that name…? :confused:

yeah…almost negative…

Im NS halberd, i really doubt there are many of those. But anal nectar…
How about Zog Nofker?? It sounds like someone from futurama.

[color=blue]I barely play the game…

But I might go online with it, btw mine is either Kai,Kai Karui or Kai Axon.

I mostly use Kanden(not to mention his affinity weapon).[/color]

um…sorry to get off topic, but the blue text if reeeeallly annoying…seriously, can you switch to a text that is more opposed to blue please? :smiley:

I already contacted him about that over AIM, he’s stopping :stuck_out_tongue: