secret worlds

hey guys,
i was wondering if your going to include all the secret worlds from prime?
also, after u compleet the game, can u re-play using the fusion suit like you can when u like up fusion to you cube.

If we add secret worlds purposefully, then it wouldn’t be the same. There won’t be any accidental ledges that are standible, but I’m sure some secret worlds can be found. About the fusion suit - yes, it will be unlockable, along with other suits.

arr, tis a damn shame about the secret worlds but its tres cool about the suits.
but hell, im sure that at some points you’ll forget to put a block somewhere and well be able to find a secret world XD

I think we’d notice if there was a block missing in one of the tile maps. XD

Nope, not at all, tilesets have nothing to do with the object layout (blocks, doors and stuff) Tiles just mask those things, so yes, I could implement secret worlds :slight_smile:

Well, if you make little ledges that you can stand on, wouldn’t that make it too easy to find SWs?

‘other’ suits? would these suit happen to be suits that we’ve heard of or completely made up ones? :slight_smile:

Check the SCU forums. There’s a create-an-unlockable-suit topic, though it was locked to keep people focused on actually getting the game going. Some of them are excellent.

Heh, that was over a year ago, you must have been following p2d for some time then :wink:

Not nesessarily (spell?). If he uses invisible block objects and just tiles as backgrounds, it’s possible for him to make invisible ledges…

Unless the tiles are 6-8 pixels, they will be to easy to find. DF, when you make “half tiles”, do they still work as whole tiles, or can you move through the transparent half?

What can I say? I’m intrigued. I’ll have to actually go get myself a Windowsbeast when you finish, but one obstacle at a time.

uhm… could you give me the link to that topic? PLEASE? I can’t find it…

It is probably gone by now. Noting major went on really, only about two skins were ever even close to being finished. Most people just made one or two poses and left it that way. v_v

I found it… it’s under a different name…