Secret Message

The Secret Message in Metroid Fusion is the only sequence break in the game. when you perform a difficult series of shine sparks, you can get a secret message from adam that you normally dont see ever.

check the video and description here:

and if your not up to it, take the much shorter lame route:…sage_method.php

has anyone else done this? i have. you should seriously try it if you havnt.

it took me almost a week to learn how to do it right, i wasn’t really impressed by the message.

yeah it took me a while also. i wasnt really doing it for the message, i was doing it so that i could say Ive done that.

I’ve gotten it.

good. :] i didnt even know about this until the fourth or so time playing the game. it sure is a pain to go all the way back around and get diffusion missile though. after the message.

Its worth it to see the text! :metroid:

Nope I don’t have the game and the reason are:

1 Don’t like the fusion suit

2 stupid computer tells you what to do

3 waiting for MP3 to come out.

And that is all I have about Metroid Fusion. ( Not trying to start a flame war or any bad thing.)

you really need to play it, i think its the best metroid, cmon, just buy it used and give it a chance

I think its the worst. Metroid II is my fav.

i think that the fusion suit is ugly, even though it isnt a suit. but i never liked M2. too many metroids man. just too many. i didnt much like the storyline either. i love metroid fusion. its a great game that you HAVE to play.

I agree the fusion suit looks like a diving suit, or a fire fighter suit that has the silver on it. Metroid Fusion its not as good as Metroid Zero or Super Metroid.

I know my avatar is the Fusion Omega but it looks cooler than the colorless Game Boy Omega…And I loved exploring Samus! :wink:

you love exploring… samus? what?

It was really injoyable…

the way u put it hinted that you were exploring… her body. and i would enjoy that too :smiley:

I loved the Fusion Suit actually, I thought it looked awesome. She looks more “mutant” than human which was the intended look. WTF @ Sniper, as if the normal suits ever looked feminine. All the suits are “robotic” in nature and non gender specific, as human beings we just generally see warriors as “manly”, and both the Chozo suit and Fusion suit make her look like a Warrior.

Fusion definitely departed from the usual format and became more Linear … which was a bad thing, but with Fusion they wanted to tell a story that would be more progressive rather than just “exploration”. To do that they had to make it linear, or at least that was the best idea they had at the time, we saw in Metroid Prime the introduction of the Scan Visor which allowed you to observe pieces of story on objects throughout the game.

Overall Fusion was very different, but that didnt make it a bad game either.

Thats what I was trying to say the whole time!

i think that the metroid game series falls into the same form as a story. it has a climax, expository, etc. basically, i think that the progressive story of Fusion turned the tables of the story so much, that it was like the turning point in a novel. it changed the course of what happens. it had to be a steady, understood game for this to work properly.

wats the secret message someone post it

Can you read?