Second Try

I might finish and make a full sprite thing, but I need to know what needs to be fixed…I iidn’t make it as a suit from any of the games, I kinda made it up myself…tell me what you think and if I should finish…

-I think it’s way better than my last work…

WoW, I like that sprite! :clap:

Definately better, but it still lacks shading.

It doesn’t entirely lack shading, but it’s more pillowshaded than anything. I suggest adding some more shades of gray and blue. Use as many as you need for it to look good. It’s not like any kind of sprite has a limit of 9 colors! (4 for NES, 16 for SNES, or 32 for GBA) :stuck_out_tongue:

And that’s a friggin’ sweet suit. 8)

It does need shading, but it looks a good bit better than the previous one.

-Alright…I did more shading…if it’s still not good enough just tell me…okay?..I’ll fix it, I don’t mind…:smiley:…AHHHH…I added more shading…I save it as a PNG, and the good shading went away…does anyone know the best way to save a sprite? without loss of color and still well-compressed? Any tips? This sucks…

.GIF, unless it is larger with alot more colors.

You can’t save good GIF’s using MS Paint.

Download IrfanView and save your GIF’s and PNG’s with that. Simply paste them into it and tell it to save. :slight_smile:

Sprite note: The lower arm is too short and the upper arm is too long.

Lol, thanks a bunch, man…

Never save anything in paint besides bmp’s. I use photoshop to convert.

Hey, Paint does decent pngs too…

Anyway, I love the design of that suit, but the shading sucks terribly. And the feet point in really really impossible and odd angles to each other. Her helmet is squished, and her hips blend with her gauntlets poorly.

Ahhh…alright…thanks for your help…but do you think it’s good enough for a second try? I’ve seen a lot of firsts aqnd stuff, and they aren’t too pretty…:smiley:

No firsts are pretty. Mine weren’t, and I’m sure Daz’s weren’t either. The only way to get better is with practice and extreme knowledge of paint.

My first was a neon green Megaman with feet on his chin and unshaded Goku hair.

Lol…that sounds sad, Daz…

I didn’t know paint was complex enough to get an extreme knowledge OF…

Trust me, it is. I’ve been screwing around on Paint for yeeeeaaaaaarrrs and I can still only make those lil’ sprites you see in my Genesis thread.

Really… so far the only thing I can do are things like in my sword sprite thread, but it still seems like I know most of everything about paint… It just doesn’t seem like something complex to me.

It should be obvious that Paint itself isn’t what’s complicated. What’s complicated is spriting. The ability to make a realistic graphic is very difficult to attain.

THAT I can understand… :sweat: