SCU registration?

dont know if this is in right place or if anyone can help me here. I dont get the “hidden” word thing your supposed to send, to activate your account. I read the rules, is this a joke? I want to help w/ the game but i cant do that if i cant register!

If you had to ask this question I highly doubt you can actually help with the game.

Is this topic a joke? Answer that.

Why don’t you check it over again? =)
It IS in there, I got registered not too long ago…

Yeah, it is kinda obvious to those who read the furschnkittin’ thing. Just read it over, and you’ll get it.

It took me a while; because the word is just randomly stuck right in the middle of the rules.

Well, I’ll tell you this: Don’t use Ctrl-F. That’s because the secret word isn’t really much of a real word.

wanna hear something really sad? i still havent found it yet, man i must be stupid.
i should have eaten my veggies, lol

Too bad. Giving away the word is against the rules. Keep looking.

…And why is this in the progress section?! <_<;;

Well it’s locked now, but still, I can’t believe no one has mentioned that. >_>

Well, he wanted to help with progress, I guess?