SCU dying

I just realized with the SCU forum goin to heaven is this gonna be the new official P2D everything forum???

(PS if this is the wrong forum just move it (I dunno if it belongs in progress or announcements or here))

what happened with SCU? (in fact i only visit this forum)

Webmaster can’t afford both the main site and the forum so he chose the forum to kill.

Lol. The details are all on SCU, and I’m pretty sure the new domain has already been purchased. Anyway, it can’t be long before someone with some status comes in and explains.

Fine, if that’s what you want. And before you ask, I’ve been the one running SCU pretty much for the last 4 months.

SCU has degraded to a point it’s no longer desirable to keep it going, and therefore, Mills has no reason to keep paying for it, so it’s going down.

Some people want to rehost it. (No, I don’t want any of you trying to do it with your lame invisionfree forums, by the way), but it’ll basically get nowhere.

So, that’s about it. Happy now?

lmao. It seems to me that everybody is using those these days. Well, Mills seems pretty busy these days, as my account activation request went A YEAR AGO UNANSWERED! ZOMG! What SCU needs is a good boost in Metroid popularity (MP3: Corruption). More people = more donations (hopefully).

lol I had that exact same problem, CFX still didn’t answere my question WHERE is the new domain?!?

everyones been busy with school, jobs, activities…ect. i guess?

There is no new domain, hence why SCU is dying. But you never asked that in the first place. >_>

No I’m referring to P2D’s new place given that this is just the fan forum

Oh. Well, I’m guessing we won’t get that until there is one.