SCU down?

Is there something wrong with the SCU forums? When I click the link to it from P2D
website, it takes me here:
Am I missing something?

SCU has been down for a month or so now. Well, registering there anyway. Funnily enough, they send an email saying it’s now all fine and dandy, but the registration email has STILL not been sent!

Long story short: SCU forums got hacked, when it was “fixed”, every page sent you to /install/install.php, which didn’t exist at the time, so they modmin team just decided to send everyone over to the new forum at that they had been planning for about two months–the fact that they were hacked and had to send us there now is just a coincidence

Everybody has to re-register.

heh, thanks. I never really go there ( noeone really does, its pretty dead) so when I finally did go there, it was taking me to that page. Now I know why.


Funnily? Is that a word? And your sig. lol, MnM I love those little choclate candies.

how did scu get hacked?

i registered in the new forum,but my account never get validated, not even after sending the e-mails about it (and with the secret word too)…

Um… The secret word thing isn’t in place anymore.

i know, but i sent a message saying about the secret message, just to be sure, no response yet, what happened? you are mod there, don’t you? you must know what happened?

No… I’m not a mod there. Chances are you sent it to someone who you won’t be getting a response back from any time soon. Just forget about that part completely and register and validate your account. >_>