screenshotting a video doesn't work...

whenever i try and screenshot a video, when i paste it in paint it just comes up with a wierd purple box in the area that should have the picture. obviously, pressing the print screen button on the keyboard isn’t working, so is there another way to convert a frame of a video file to an image file? thanks for the help.

Google VLC media player. It lets you screenshot most, if not all, video formats, and is a really handy tool to have in general. (It can play .avi files =O!)

Also, you can upload videos to youtube and screenshot them from there, but that’s way more trouble than it’s worth.

can it screenshot .rmvb and .mpg?

No clue, but here’s an idea:

Try it.

Complicated, I know.

but i dont want to download something that i dont need. any easier way? i have real media player classic and it has a take screenshot option, but it always errors up when i try it…

If you don’t need it, why’d you make this thread? :confused:

i was wondering if there was a way to do it with any of my installed programs, like windows media player…

Well, then, google is your friend.

not when you’re lazy

It’s not our fault if you’re being a lazy idiot. Why should we have to do the work for you?
I know an easy solution to your problem, actually.
But after that display I really don’t feel like telling you.

kay. i dont need it anyway, because timmeh already helped me out a lot. thanks tim.


besides, whats so bad about being lazy? thats how inventions are made… because somebody decided he didn’t want to do something, and something like the tv remote is made. >.>

You’re honestly trying to compare being too lazy to Google something to inventing one of the most influential electronic devices of recent time? Hell, Googling is even simpler than a remote. Google IS the remote. What you’re doing is asking someone else to change the channel on the remote FOR you.

“Google IS the remote. What you’re doing is asking someone else to change the channel on the remote FOR you.”

I love that. Sigged.

Lol, that was educational, though I think you were a tincy bit harsh.