Schools out! Finally!

Ok so SCHOOLS OUT FINALLY! (at least for me as of 6/8). What are you going to do? The reason why this isn’t a poll is because there are way too much possibilities.

9 more days before school ends. 12 more days until I go to Yellowstone.


Exams come up in about a week… Not looking forward to the science one…

School’s out next Tuesday for moi.

Wednesday = last day =3

My Science teachers getting fired. The pricipal told me. She sucked ass.

Shame the principal at my school is as stupid as the computer teacher not to fire her… School’s been out for me as of Tuesday.


PAAAAAAINT THE STREEEETS!! YHEEAAAAA!! WORLD CUP IS ON BABY!! i waited long four years to do this again! i love world cup vacations ! painting everthing with yellow and green the colors of my country!!

Ugh. I hate soccer.

And the same applies now, now that school is actually out for me. I’m going to be staying home and playing video games :smiling_imp:

I do leave from the 13th to the 24th of this month, though.

helloo! brazil land of soccer XD

the only country penta champion of the hole world ( five times champion) the closest on is italy but c’mon… those guys have only been champion three times and its been a loooong while hehe they dont have ronaldinho or kaka in their teams soo beat it huahaha but argentina ooohh man how we hate that contry!! those bastards eternal rivals of brazil!! HATE THEN!!

oh? what was that? XD

Wow, school’s just getting out for you guys. I’ve been out since May 22nd. Summer is great!!

I ordered a bunch of NES games from e-Bay. I can’t wait to play 'em.


GO RETRO! Mega Man 2, Kid Icarus, Mario Bros; and Donkey Kong.

Kid ikarus rocks

but why in the heavens you didnt get metroid?

I have every Metroid game and demo ever released in North America.


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I took the picture but how do I post it here?

Lol I want to see 'em too!
Ok here is what you do:
1.) Take the pic <— You finished
2.) Upload to your comp <---- You hopefully finished
3.) Go to
4.) Create an account <— You hopefully figured that one out
5.) Upload your pic!
How to make your picture show:

1.) Copy the website
Should look something like this:

But longer

2.) Copy the image name and add that to the website
Should look like this:



3.) Now add the html code
Which is [img] btw.


Lengthy but should give you all the knowledge you need.