When does school start for you guys (if you’re still in school)?

It starts on Monday for me >_>. I’m going to be a junior at a packed school with 2800 students. Fun stuff.

How about you guys?

lol it starts for monday for me too… although its a small (private) school…

about 75 or so students per grade K-12

OMG, wow.

That must be either really nice, or really boring…and REALLY exclusive. My school is the best public school in the county, and the other ones suck, so everyone wants to come to it. We added like 20 portables this year.

yeah… the small size is really nice. you have to pay a lot to get in though. its also a chistian school (hence its privateness), but i have attended public schools (a year of jr. high, about 1500 students or so, and primary school K-5th grade…) so i know what they’re like.

i really wanted to go to a charter high school geared toward technology for my 4 years there, but i got a no from my dad =O

Lol, I’d never go to a private school for those reason (too strict, too much money etc…).

Anyway waits for someone else to talk about their next school experience.

Fuck, I hadn’t even been thinking abou it, but this thread reminds me that it begins tomorrow. D:

I haven’t even located my new campus yet…

Mine starts around September 2 or something. But it always lasts until halfway through June (this year it was the 15th) and our days off are scattered and confusing.

I go to a generic public high school in which all of the good teachers are leaving before I can get to take their classes. >_<

I just hope this year isn’t going to be as depressing and tedious as last year. Sometimes I was up until past midnight doing homework, getting up at 5AM the next day to finish off the rest. And I just loved how every other project involved coloring and/or “creativity”. Especially when I got marked down for “not enough” of that.

Hmmm. Sounds a lot like my High school. Starts September 4th, goes to middle of june, all the good teachers left because of budget cuts, last year was tedious, and our days off are on wednesdays and weird other illogical days. I’m going to be a sophmore this coming year.

Oh, crap. Haha. Me, neither, in a sense. I don’t know what room (or building) at the local college my Japanese class is in, and it starts tomorrow. But my high school started Friday.

Lol wow, that sounds a bit difficult/inconvenient. Didnt you guys have open house or something?

My school has a strange variety of teachers.

We have old potheads, bookworms, or nerds, as well as young stoners, jocks, and sluts (yes, we have slutty teachers). I cant lie, my school is pretty interesting.

First day of school was today. I gotta say that it was very satisfying. Pretty nice classes, met new people.

How about you guys?

Missed all but ten minutes of history because the parking lot was bumper to bumper, full, AND being slowed down by cops ‘helping’. And then at the other campus most of class was spent making fun of Escondido (my hometown) because the school there is inferior.

Fun stuff.


Started school like two weeks ago. Interesting…but nothing amazing is happening. On the downside, the best security officer ever, Schabazz…and yes that is his actual name, quit. That guy was awesome. He had one weakness…School ID’s. As long as you had that, he couldn’t touch you.

Two girls were walking down the halls, and he yelled out “IDS!” They didn’t have them, so he took them to the principal.

Two guys were taking turns beating the crap out of each other, he yells Id’s, they have them, he lets them be.

That guy was insane.

(P. S. The heavens opened up on high, and the holy will was ordained. Everyone wearing those annoying headlamp flashlight things were smited. And there was much rejoicing.)

it was pure hell, and the worst part is, it will be the same every day this (and maybe those to come) year. the main reason was that 4 out of my 6 people “clique” left for the tech school. i only have 1 immediate friend now and the rest are gone!! ;-;

Was that just a random quote or was there some deep significance that I missed :confused:

I don;t start till sometime two weeks into September.


I’m on the school newspaper team now! Finally, my first step towards reportership! :smiley:

I’ve covered wars, you know.


really? i would think of you as more of a critic than a reporter

Eh, I mostly plan to write editorials and crap, but in the end I think I’ll just do whatever story comes up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: