School Society

How would you consider people in your school.

I consider them Immature due to the fact that everyone acts like “Gansgters” and talk real loud that they can’t shut up and there are too many fights.

I seriously don’t like it.

my school has alot of emos… damn them! damn them to hell! i really hate emos and i wish they would die.

meh i live in OC and there are pretty good schools. but, there are a bunch of everything i guess… too many mexicans standing in the hallway, talking half english half spanish, mumbling stuff to you as you pass in spanish and then laughing…

and there are “gangsters” but thats fading out… emo guys… yuck…

and then just… dicks… but honestly… i love school. i like it when someone talks big to me. i love confrontation… :smiley:

well they will die soon theyll eventually kill em selvs outta depression|

hmm my school

food chain-
metal heads
old school rock kids
goth kids
hip hop kids
video game kids
no life kids
emo kids

im somewhere in there with the emo style metal music video game obsessions

My old school foodchain.

Jocks gangsters
Jock Preps
Popular gansters
Normal gangsters
Normal white people

Luckily for me, im debatable about the category im in. Im somewhere in between preppy and nerdy (not that people know about my internet life), but i dress preppy, and look gangster (i have an awsome gottee). But i dont talk gangster, or act gangster. So i kinda do my own thing.

Im not sure about my new school foodchain. Most of the gangsters are latino, but there are alot of Black and white (whiggers) gangsters as well. But its mostly a preppy school.

I dont like stuckup preps, but preppy people in general are cool.

My school is nice.

yeah thats pretty much the same here, cept less gangsters in the foodchain.

popular jocks/cheerleaders
popular asb
popular gangsters/tough guys
jocks (wrestling, football, water polo)/cheerleaders
gangsters/ tough guys
other jocks
unpopular asb kids
nerds/comp geeks
general idiots that everyone just hates
FLAG GIRLS/ color squad

luckily for me, im a varsity wresler. :smiley: actually, few people at my school know about my internet or videogame life. very few.

I’m finding some of your chains strange. To me, the nerds/geeks (who don’t act like complete stuckup assholes, where I think I fall) are generally left alone and the emo kids are facing more preassure.

Most of the kids were nice to each others where I went to school. Of course there was some fights, but they were rare. The only ones we did’nt like was the racists. I had some black friends and sometimes we had to hurt the racists a bit. Racists are stupid fucks.

What’s worse? Full fledged racist people or those dumbasses who “joke” about racism? We have alot of dumbasses like that here, and I get increasingly pissed at them each time their disgusting mouths open wide. It makes me want to bash in some heads… (cracks knucles, lol)

Lol, being the only black guy in a circle of white friends has forced me to accept racist jokes. But at my old school, being a geek wasnt bad, unless you tried to move up in the foodchain, then you’ll get shot down in a second. Most gangsters dont like emos, but find them slightly intimidating, and dont generally mess with them. Preps and Emos get along fine aswell. At my old school, there were tons of haters, white people who didnt like me because i was the only black guy in advanced classes, and black people who didnt like me because i wasnt thuggin like them. There was no nice in between. At this school though, it doesnt matter, people can do their own thing, and nobody cares.

And while racist jokes bother me, im used to it.

Also, i manage to stay high in the foodchain just by being the local tall black guy (since im one of the few in the advanced classes :stuck_out_tongue:).

More proof of what a sad world we live in. You shouldn’t even have to stand for that.

Yeah, in highschool most people do their own thing. The smart kids have to bust their balls with studying while jocks practice for sports alot. Emos, well, I have no fucking clue what they do all day, so…


How do you know? :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, they probably do, but there are just losers who get high anyway. They don’t need to be Emo or Goth.

I do feel you go a bit to far. Not all emo kids are bad. They’re real people, with real problems, and even though they dress like freaks, they’re just like us (when they’re not high). I used to have a couple emo friends, but now i stay out of there way, because they’re going down a bad path. But alot of them are nice people.

Lol, it doesnt really happen anymore, since i dont live in redneck central anymore (texas), its not really a problem. No offense to anyone, but its rednecks that i cant stand over anyone else.

Lol, you just contradicted yourself. You thought I was going far because I said they were getting high, and you rubuked that “they’re fine when they aren’t high.” Sorry, I just found that kind of funny.

About the non-emos who get high, I’m serious, they’re the losers. So far I’ve never seen a popular kid or jock get high. They make their own little group.

Lol, never seen a jock or popular kid get high??? I disagree, most jocks dont smoke, but at my old school, all the other people at the top smoked (white upperclass preps). Heck, my old best friend smokes, and he has heart problems, but he’s also probably the most popular kid at that school. And while mosts jocks dont smoke, some take steroids, which is probably worse.

And the (when they’re not high) was just a joke, it wasnt a serious contradiction. Most of my Emo friends werent all the way emo yet, but they’ll get there, and im glad i wont be around when they do.

Huh… I guess that whole bit how “drugs mess up your performance on the field” thing actually worked on the jocks here. The only jocks who I believe smoked were the “wannabes” who were usually not that good at sports but were popular nonetheless, so, yeah… Still, the jocks probably use steroids…

i dont. beleive it or not i know a bunch of my jock friends that do drugs. i dont know how they do both sports and that… but they do. steroids arent a huge problem in highschool sports. mostly college and above.

True, since colledge is more competitive, but lots of people smoke nonetheless. I just dont see how you can do something that you know is killing you.

Most things you do can or will kill you one day…

I drink alcohol, smoke (when I’m drunk. I have’nt smoked while sober in years), I use snus (what the hell is the english name… moist snuff?) I drink too much coffee and I drive snowmobile and boat way too fast. I have too many toothmarks on my knuckles from assholes that think they could give me a beating or rob me. Does that make me suicidal? Nope. Dumb? Probably. But I like my life. At least it’s interesting.