School is out for me! Is it out for anybody else?(please let the SCU team’s school be out) Because I’m excited about the P2D demo!!!

I got out two weeks ago. :slight_smile:

I left school a while ago:P
Only GCSEs to go then it’s on to higher education.
But before that a large period of holiday!

I got out yesterday! :smiley:

I get out in a week. >.<

I get out on wensday

I got out two days ago. Wait, it’s half past midnight, so that’s three days, right? @_@

Yeah, so did I…except, it was three weeks ago. INDIANA RULES YOU ALL!!!

I got out 3 years ago. x_x

Luckily, on my last week of school, I don’t really have to do anything. :slight_smile:

I had to do Final Exams >.< :angry:

I just got out yesterday. :smiley:

I got out a few days ago. Now I can go swiming and play my video games and be on the computer and work on other things.The big reason why I’m glad that I’m out is becouse there is a teacher in english that likes to bug kids and get them mad :smiling_imp: we came up a name for her it was wombat lol

My final exams were the previous week.

I’m not happy school is out.None of my friends are in my next class and the school SUCKS!!! :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

wow u people r luck i got out on june 28 >_<