Scan Visor?

Ok I am wondering how you guys are going to put in the Scan Visor. I am new to this forum (I registered today) so I don’t know if this question is asked before (probably is) and I was wondering: “Geez what about the scan visor? That would be a pain in the ass to program into wouldn’t it? Would they go through all that work to add the Scan Visor in?”

they should. this is metroid prime after all, in 2d.

Ok i just recently revisited the Screen Shots section of the website, and it had a section that shows what visor your using. But looking at the Important section of this forum, it said visors will not be included. HELP!

Huh? We’ll have to change that.

Visors will be included, they will work like the x-ray visor in super metroid.

good because some of the bosses would not be as chalenging without the visors. and a question I had was are you going to take the scan enteries right from mp. will nintendo let you do that??? or will you be creating your own material

Since P2D is a fangame, and is not being used for profit there’s no problem if they copy the logs directly.

Good luck!
BTW Super Metroid had visors?

super metroid had a x-ray scoope, so yes, you can say that it had visors

And Metroid 2 had an infrared visor… supposedly… well, it was in the betas and manual anyway, and that’s how ours would work–when enabled it just shows everyhting in IR view. The xray/infrared wouldnt work like the xray in super–that would totally suck, since you cant move while using it…

Just make sure the hud’s for each visor look different just like in the game

This forum has 1111 posts. Scary.
Anyways, you can delete this if you think it is spammy (which I know you will).

EDIT: On topic now, can’t you just add some effect so it looks different when you switch visors?

I think they would have to make sprites for each and do a whole lot of programing but it would be worth it

I think the Xray visor would look nice like this. like, one color in different shade. Of course it would be blue.

…sooo you’re saying that it’d look liiiiiiike… a little freak jumping up and down… with a big red X on his face…
I don’t think the link likes you.

It sure likes me. It works fine. You IE user…

Uhm, I’m using FireFox and even I can’t get it to work. It’s probably working for you because you managed to get it in your inernet cache before it killed itself.

Edit: Oh, I got it working now. Your hosting site just must be overprotective of off-site linking. I had to open a new tab, paste the URL in, and go, because no other method worked (this includes refreshing, pressing the go tab, clicking your link again, and adding a space after the URL (which works with annoying GeoCities pages)).

So you’re saying the X-Ray visor should just make everything black and white… Er… blue and white? What about the distortion effects, or seeing the skeletons of creatures?

We already agreed that spriting everything over again would take why too long. And it looked blue and white in the original so… why not? Can’t you just add some effect that could make it look like that?

you would have to make it so every color was replased by another color or you could decrease the saturation and add a bit of a blue filter

Well I guess you could do that. It would be really bland, though, just switching everything to blue and white. I was thinking more along the lines of having the distortion effect with the lens of the view (which might require switching to a 3-D view of the 2-D area, which wouldn’t effect much if done right), and having a script that analyzes enemies that have skeletons (which could just be a bool variable in every enemy) and draws a skeleton over them based on their shape (if that would work, that would be awesome), and then, of course, switching everything to blue and white.

Well if you are going to do all that make sure the things further away from samus look darker in the game. And how will the Thermal Visor look.