Save or Password

I was playing my Famicom the other day and a question come to mind.

As you all know the American version of the original Metroid had the Password System where the Japanese version had a Save Game system simmilar to Zelda. So I was wondering which do you people prefer?

Me? Well I prefer the password system because it had great potential to let you start off at any point at any time. You could even take your password to your friend’s house and play from there or come back to say the GBA re-release and use your password there.

The password system is better. You can transfer your file to a new cart if something happens to the old one, you don’t have to worry about faulty batteries, and they can be fun to mess around with and get funny or cheap passwords.

Definitely Password. Password gives you the opportunity to have more files as well as not having to lug you system around.

Oh, one thing though–password like the Classic Series version of Metroid. Where it saves your most recent password, but you CAN enter a new one. Having to lug around paper to write down new passwords is annoying, so saving pw’s is a nice feature.

That’s been around since it was re-released in Prime though. I’m not sure if it did that in Zero Mission though since I never bothered to play it in Zero Mission. But yeah I like that feature too.

I didn’t bother with Prime’s version, the controls were all screwed up… and ZM’s and the CNES were exactly the same.

Is CNES an emulator? :confused:

Classic NES… The GBA port series…

Eh? the nes emulator I saw was Jnes.

Personally, I like battery saves. Though less flexible, it’s alot easier than remembering the passwords or atleast if you want to start a new game but don’t want to erase your old file…
I get the feeling my argument has flaws but the point remains I like it and find it easier.

Of course, memory card saves are my favorites, but that’s off-topic so I’ll only list my bit about those if anyone asks.

password for it’s huge cheatcode potential.

Yes, all hail memory cards! :3 Although I wish more games had a copy file option… MP comes to mind…

which MP?

Password only as long as it saves the password, and has at least three save spots. I hate having to take papers with passwords everywhere, and I also like having more than one save file.


this is on a computer, isn’t it? why worry about battery life!

Password saving is good, but it makes it too easy to cheat. I prefer battery saving.

It really sorta depends. Password is better when going to other people’s houses, but cartridge is more convenient at home.

Password isn’t very convinient. who wants to spend 5 minutes loading a file?

I like Save System better for when you’re on the go, but having all of your game data on a little peice of paper is really handy…until you LOSE the peice of paper! Anyways, Battery Save…

I save any information I need on word processor.

Password and battery… I don’t really care. But chances are new games will all have memory card backed saves, so meh. But more P2D, it will most likely be battery.